M.y. IT


  • Automation

    Automation might mean different things depending on your business and its particular work and challenges.

    For example, clerical work involving forms and filing will use different approaches from another company that does chat-based support. Some companies might be labor intensive, so that automation in that realm would begin to entail distributed sensors, robotics, and the Internet of Things.

    Maxya IT can do it all.

  • Design and Development

    Have you ever found that available software sometimes doesn't do what you want? Depending on often you find this happening to you, maybe a customized software or web solution might be right for you.

    Or maybe your website needs a refresh... you DO have a website, RIGHT?

  • Simulations and Modelling

    Do you have some simple or complex processes that you'd like to model? Once we do that, we can simulate it to!

    Google, by writing a simulation of its datacenters based on input from 120+ types of sensors, was then able to apply AI to play the simulation like a game. Looking for the best way to minimize power usage, Google's AI was able to reduce cooling power requirements by over 40%, saving %15 on energy usage. Writing a simulation of and for your business, then applying AI to it can save you money too. Additionally, it can potentially give you a lower cost method of testing changes, without interrupting your business.

    We can help you.

  • Research and Training

    Is there something you would like to learn about, but simply don't have the time go looking for the information on the topic? We can either teach what we know (personal tutoring or in-person group sessions), or provide the content in an online-based learning module, including tests to check for understanding.

    Have your technical learning customized for your needs.

  • Special Requests

    We're open to open consulation on an hourly basis.

    Maybe you're just looking to chat, get a general feel about the state of A.I. applications and research, or get an overview of suggestions on how Automation, A.I., or Robotics might be applied to your business. We're open to talking about your interests and situation, always.

    We're here to help you.